The rants and raves

The man rants, raves, recounts, tells and describes - his monthly exerpts have almost become legendary. Out of a mood and the desire to express himself far beyond the music he started writing about his travels, his encounters, his frustrations and his adventures. His rants are anxiously awaited by many and every month the circle of subscribers grows bigger and bigger...

In the archives we have many such rants and will publish them here for you all to read.

As often as possible, BJ will also write new ones... usually once a month for his newsletter but possibly more frequently in the future. There is a lot to say.


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Leather Zoo

· 03/May/2009 - Blue Bell Wood Charity Appeal Event
· 08/May/2009 - Moorfoot Tavern Sheffield UK
· 09/May/2009 - Dickens (10) Rotherham UK
· 15/May/2009 - The Appleby Burton upon Trent UK
· 17/Jul/2009 - Sun Sucks Brain Out OA Festival
· 02/Oct/2009 - Fast Fucking Forward Festival Mannheim DE
· 10/Oct/2009 - Rudi's Blues Café Supporting VICE SQUAD

Die Sklaven

· 13/March/2009 - Rockfabrik Übach-Palenberg, DE

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