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on these pages we would like to share BJ's preferred gear, his setup, his configurations etc. with you. Although BJ likes to use a variety of different setups, depending on the time and occasion, he frequently seems to return to his most favourite setup, lovingly called the "USS BJ" by thos who have worked with him. But if you browse around you may find that he tends to use smaller versions of drumsets and configurations depending on the type of music, the event or the sounds he wants to use.

So tuck in and feel free to use the contact page if you have questions.

BJs current studio setup

Presently BJ uses his trusted SONOR DeLite for sessions throughout Germany and most of Europe. After a few adjustments and additions it still mainly resembles the setup he used on tour with Quidam.

DeLite series in Metallic Marine

22"x17" BassDrum
10"x 9" TomTom
12"x10" TomTom
13"x10" TomTom
15"x15" FloorTom
16"x16" FloorTom

14"x 5" SnareDrum - Artist Series Brass Shell
Giant Step double BassDrum Pedal



22" Paragon Ride

13" AA Fusion HiHats

10" HHX Spash
16" HHXplosion Crash
17" HHX Stage Crash
18" HHX Stage Crash

20" HHX Chinese
16" HHX O-Zone


studio setup 02


TX717W natural BJ signature
TX707W natural BJ signature



Ambassador Clear heads for both sides on all TomToms and BassDrum
Ambassador Coated for 14" SnareDrum
Ambassador Snare Side for both Snares


studio setup 03


GPR550 Rack system with extentions
9707 HiHat pedal
Roc'n'Soc Seat
SONOR SnareDrum Stands



studio setup 01

BJ's bassdrum microphone is in-built. For that he uses a Shure Beta 52 with a self-built attachment. The REMO Ambassador resonance head is closed and then preferably covered with a foam tunnel. At the end of the tunnel a Neumann U87 picks up the warm bass of the resonance head.

The overheads usually are Shure KSM32 for the left and right channel and a single AKG 414 in the middle for extra projection.

TomToms and FloorToms are usually recorded with high class condenser microphones that most good recording studios have.

For his snare drum BJ prefers the good ol' Shure SM 7.

studio setup 01


BJs live setups

BJs live sets come in various shapes and sizes. While he likes to adapt his setup to the need and the feel of the gig he plays, he also likes to use his own "standard" setup. It is a slightly bigger kit but that leaves him with a great choice of sounds and accents.

BJ: "I love the fact that I can use various sounds and atmospheres when I use a bigger kit. Most people see a big drumset and think that this necessarily means that I am a busy drummer who always uses the entire setup and plays all over the place. To me that's like thinking, a driver always drives in all gears at the same time. There's the right gear for the right time and the right speed. I love just to groove and close my eyes and ignore all the toms and cymbals that I have. But it is a great gift when I can open my eyes and pick a cymbal or tom to play an accent; when I can decide to let hell break loose for one second - even if I don't do it then. It might be compensation but hey, I am ok with it... hahaha."

live setup 01

BJ's live setup is very similar to his studio setup with the exception that he sometimes uses a second snaredrum on the left side of the Hi-Hat and sometimes also adds a second, closed Hi-Hat in 12" on the right, just below the ride cymbal.

live setup 01

live setup 01
With Roger Hodgson 2008 - live in Berlin.


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live header


Leather Zoo

· 03/May/2009 - Blue Bell Wood Charity Appeal Event
· 08/May/2009 - Moorfoot Tavern Sheffield UK
· 09/May/2009 - Dickens (10) Rotherham UK
· 15/May/2009 - The Appleby Burton upon Trent UK
· 17/Jul/2009 - Sun Sucks Brain Out OA Festival
· 02/Oct/2009 - Fast Fucking Forward Festival Mannheim DE
· 10/Oct/2009 - Rudi's Blues Café Supporting VICE SQUAD

Die Sklaven

· 13/March/2009 - Rockfabrik Übach-Palenberg, DE

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